Hey - I’m Rob J, I’m an Android developer based out of London 👋

Across the past 7 years I’ve worked with many agencies & startups on both big & small projects, as part of a team or as a sole developer, as well as having released many of my own apps which have been featured on the BBC, the Guardian, Lifehacker, the Next Web & more.. You can check out everything I’ve done below 🤓👇

Things I've Done

  • ReadItToMe 2.0

    June 2018 - Ongoing

    Massive update of my most popular app

  • Coffee-Working

    May 2018 - Ongoing

    Find the best coffee shops to work from nearby

  • Free From Festival 2018

    May 2018

    Built the app for this London event via my startup GoToEvnt

  • To-Day

    Jan 2018 - Ongoing

    A simple to-do list app to let you set tasks for today.

  • Remindee

    Dec 2017 - Ongoing

    Lightweight app to create reminders directly from anything.

  • PodAlarm

    Dec 2017 - Ongoing

    Set any music, podcast or audio app as your daily alarm.

  • Can't Talk

    Oct 2017 - Ongoing

    Uses notifications in an unconventional manner outlined in this Medium post I wrote.

  • Smile Machine (Client)

    July 2017 - 5 months

    Sole developer, rebuilt this app for a financial client.

  • ignis Ltd (Client)

    July 2017 - 1 month

    Greenfield prototype project for a whitelabel customer facing retail app

  • Pitchero (Client)

    May 2017 - 7 months

    Part of a team rebuilding Pitchero’s club app from the ground up.

  • IGT UK (Client)

    Aug 2016 - 7 months

    Sole developer bringing new features to an existing project & building a brand new greenfield app

  • ORM London (Client)

    June 2016 - 3 months

    Built this app for one of their clients from the ground up.

  • Super Simple Sleep Timer

    2014 - Present

    Over 250k downloads, featured on Lifehacker, AddictiveTips, XDA & others.

  • Brandwidth (Client)

    Nov 2015 - 4 months

    Sole Android developer for this, airline food ordering, greenfield project which ended up winning a Digital Innovation award

  • Body Power Expo (Client)

    Feb 2015 - 3 Months

    Sole developer on this app to promote all the media content from the expo.

  • Monitise Create (Client)

    Dec 2014 - 2 months

    Sole developer rebuilding their voucher codes apps prior to final release.

  • Floatifications

    2013 - Nov 2017

    Over 250k downloads, 100k in it’s first week, featured on The Next Web , CNET, Android Police & others.

  • Sportlobster (Client)

    Feb 2014 - 8 months

    Built from this Facebook-like sports social networking app from the ground up for this well funded startup (team of 2 - versions 0.1 - 2.5).

  • Vanity Stash (Client)

    Dec 2013 - 3 Months

    Sole developer for this fashion startup including photo & video galleries.

  • Clubhost

    Sep 2013 - 2 Months

    Sole developer for this startup building an app to book vip club experiences.

  • Send It

    December 2012 - Dec 2017

    Featured on the Guardian , Android Police, Addictive Tips & others.

  • ReadItToMe

    Apr 2011 - Ongoing

    Over 250k downloads, featured on Lifehacker, Yahoo, BBC News & others.


Drop me an email anytime if you would like to get in touch, hire me for your next project, have questions or feedback on my apps, or just want to say hey.